About Nohemm


While growing up in sunny Miami, these were the cotton sundresses my mom made by hand to throw over our bathing suits after enjoying a day at the beach.  I would run, jump and play in my frock freely, feeling comfortable and pretty in my own skin.

As an adult, I yearned for the same look and feel of a simple cotton sundress but didn't find anything on the market that felt good to wear.  I was seeking a sundress that had 100% natural fibers, one that would last for years with good care, and was ethically made by hand. Eventually, I decided to dust off my sewing machine and made my own. As soon as I wore my creation on the streets of New York, multiple women stopped me and asked me where I found it and in an instant, Nohemm was born.

I love to use African fabrics for Nohemm's sundresses.  They are simply gorgeous in design and are sustainable long-term if cared for. I actively secure the cloth from the "Aunties," female entrepreneurs throughout Africa who make their living through selling "the cloth" to support their families and their communities.  

Nohemm means "beautiful, joyful, delightful."  This is the feeling I hope every person feels when wearing one of my sundresses.

IG: @love.nohemm